Unpacked boxes

Hmm. I'd forgotten I had an account here, until I was visiting veda's journal and was shocked to see myself on her list of friends. I guess I assumed these got erased if left to their own devices for too long. How odd to read the musings of a five-years younger me (and to realize that I am still wearing the same tracks in the pitted dirt road that is my life. How depressing it is to be predictable.) I'm not sure if I'll actually make any more use of this, but I might.
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we want the airwaves

I'm posting this mostly for myself, but some of you might be interested. I just want to keep track of the setlists I use on my radio show. Songs with asterisks are rotation or filler stuff I play in between CD's.

1.*Divine Comedy-Perfect Lovesong
2.Cure-Why Can't I Be You
3.Elvis Costello-I Don't Want to Go to Chelsea
5.*Dropkick Murphys-Fortunate Son
6.*Sloan-If It Feels Good, Do It
7.*Robotboy-Paper Doll
8.*Hefner-King of Summer
9.*White Stripes-Dead Grass and the Dirty Ground
10.Replacements-Kiss Me On the Bus
11.Sonic Youth-Swimsuit Issue
12.Sinead O'Connor-Mandinka
13.*Superdrag-Take Your Spectre Away
14.Jeff Buckley and Shudder to Think-I Want Someone Badly
15.Rancid-She's Automatic
16.Beastie Boys-She's Crafty
17.TMBG-She's an Angel (it's a theme!)
18.*Jimmy Eat World-The Middle
19.*Malachi Constant-Happenstance
20.*Poe-Hey, Pretty
21.*Imperial Teen-City Song
22.*Wontons-Great Wall
23.Fullerenes-Not My Girlfriend
24.*The Make Up-Time Machine
25.*The Reputation-Misery by Design
26.*Pretenders-Whatcha Gonna Do About It
27.*Onward Crispin Glover-Action
28.*Guided by Voices-Teenage FBI
29.Weezer-Good Life
30.Built to Spill-Still Flat
31.Radiohead-National Anthem
32.Kristin Hersh-White Suckers
33.John Lennon-Oh Yoko
34.TMBG-Don't Let's Start

Whew. I was up all last night getting my stupid CD Burner to burn, so, consider this a labor of love.